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Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB

Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB
Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB

Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB    Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB

Thank you for stopping by #TheSweetFind shop to view our listing for this exquisite NEW IN BOX WITH TAGS Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 with Floral Frog Cap. Please review the following info including condition notes. The package is FULLY INSURED. WATERFORD CRYSTAL CECILY VASE 12 WITH WATERFORD FROG CAP (NEW WITH TAG / PRISTINE). The world renowned Waterford Cecily Vase 12 turns any bouquet into an elegant work of art!

This brand new in box Waterford Crystal vase stands approx 12" tall, approx 6" wide (across top), and weighs approx 10 pounds - the perfect size centerpiece vase to arrange your bouquet of flowers in. To help you look like a floral arrangement artist, the vase comes with a removable floral "frog cap, " which is a silver metal cap (adorned with the Waterford logo) that you place on top of the vase; this allows you to masterfully arrange your flowers into a full bouquet.

The floral frog cap was exclusively made to rest perfectly on the Waterford Cecily vase; however, it is removable so the vase can be used without the frog cap to accommodate any type of arrangement. Both the frog cap and vase feature the Waterford logo. This rarely found 12 Waterford Crystal vase is crafted of THICK dazzling Waterford crystal with a thick base and graceful trumpet shape, featuring gorgeous, light-catching cuts throughout.

The underside of the base features a ball cut, one of the hardest cuts Waterford artisans master. Whether you're looking for a wedding vase, a tall vase for your home, or a decorative vase to give as a gift, Waterford Crystal Cecily vase 12 is a piece that will be cherished forever. THIS GRAND VASE HAS MANY USES. Given the large size and traditional shape, the Waterford Cecily Vase 12 has many uses. Centerpiece flower arrangement with frog cap.

Centerpiece bouquet vase without frog cap. Pillar Candle Holder (place a large pillar candle in the center and allow the flame to flicker, refracting light on the cuts). Ice Bucket / Champagne Cooler (depending on the size bottle).

NEW IN BOX WITH TAGS. Upon close inspection, we see no signs of usage/display: no cracks, chips, scratches, cloudiness, or surface wear on underside of foot. The UPC label & gold Waterford seahorse sticker both are in good condition. Box shows minimal storage wear. Tissue paper is a bit crinkly as the owner used it to stuff the vase when packing.

Includes Waterford card as shown. Can send additional photos (including all 6 sides of box) upon request. Item Name: Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 with Frog Cap. Type: Tall Waterford Crystal vase 12.

Crafted from premium 33% lead crystal. Approx Height: Just under 12"H (11.85"). Approx Width: Just under 6"W (5.91") at widest. Waterford stencil-style mark acid etched under foot. Clean, smoke-free, pet-free environment since receiving from original owner and storing.

(Related Categories: Vintage Waterford Crystal vase 12", Vintage Waterford Crystal bouquet vase 12", Vintage Waterford Crystal flower arrangement vase 12", Waterford Lismore vase, Vintage Waterford Crystal vase 14", Vintage Waterford Crystal bouquet vase 14", Vintage Waterford Crystal flower arrangement vase 14"). Please review all photos as they are the primary description of this item.

Keep in mind with hand blown and hand cut crystal pieces, there may be minor imperfections or inconsistencies from production that are typically unnoticeable, if any. We try to make our photos as clear as possible and carefully examine and detail each item; however, if you have questions or want more information or photos, please be sure to message us prior to purchasing this NEW IN BOX WITH TAGS Waterford Cecily Vase 12 with Frog Cap. CHECK OUT OUR OTHER LISTINGS TO SEE MORE SWEET FINDS! Vintage Waterford Crystal Lismore Bowl 10.

Waterford Lismore Bowl 10 Footed. Vintage Waterford Master Cutter Vase. Vintage Czech Bohemia Cobalt Cut to Clear Crystal Bowl 10 Centerpiece with Pedestal Foot. HELLO, FROM THE SWEET FIND!

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Waterford Crystal was established in 1783 in the heart of Waterford, Ireland, minutes from the present-day House of Waterford Crystal. For over 200 years, Waterford Crystal has been striving for purity of color, design inspiration, and highest quality levels while producing hand-crafted luxury crystal. Seeing this Waterford Crystal item's sparkly brilliance and feeling its substantial weight is to recognize the tradition of excellence that is part of each piece: Hand-blown and hand-cut works of art created by skilled artisans. Because each piece is handcrafted, no two pieces of Waterford Crystal are ever exactly identical; slight variations can naturally occur e. Size and thickness of the glassware, size of features, pattern design, cuts, foot, etc.

The crystal may also contain bubbles, seeds, cords, cooling marks, etc. Which aren't flaws but unique characteristics in each piece; these are almost always seen especially in vintage pieces. This dazzling piece of quality crystal and expert craftsmanship is destined to be treasured for generations!

Below are some helpful FAQs about crystal and other glassware items. Is a cord or line in crystal glassware considered a flaw? This nearly invisible difference in the density of the crystal occurs during the fusing of molten crystal.

It may also occur during other glass-making techniques. Although visible when it reflects light, the cord is virtually invisible when drinkware or a vase is filled with liquids. This does not affect the quality of the crystal piece, and professional glassmakers do no consider these flaws, but rather a unique characteristic of a handcrafted work of art.

Is a seed or bubble in crystal glassware considered a flaw? Tiny bubbles the size of a pin point sometimes form during the fusing, melting, or blowing process.

Is every handcrafted crystal piece within the same pattern exactly the same? Due to the handcrafting process of each crystal piece, no two pieces are ever exactly alike, and slight variations can naturally occur e. Size and thickness of the glassware, size of features, pattern design, cuts, foot. This may occur with any glassware.

However, it's typically unnoticeable. Though, for some patterns, manufacturers may also update their style while leaving the same name. How do you clean, prevent water spots, and store fine crystal glassware?

Never use an automatic dishwasher, abrasive detergent, or coarse sponge, as they can cause the crystal to lose its brilliance, including clouding. Use a mixture of water and ammonia or white vinegar with a mild lemon detergent, along with a wet microfiber cloth. IMMEDIATELY dry and buff using a lint-free microfiber cloth.

While it's not necessary, we use quality microfiber cloths specifically made for crystal glassware and we love them; message us for a recommendation. To clean residue from narrow vases and decanters, fill halfway with moderately hot water, a small drop of mild detergent, 2 tablespoons white vinegar or ammonia, and 1/2 cup uncooked rice. Swirl the solution around for a few minutes.

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  • Origin: Slovenia
  • Antique: No
  • Year Manufactured: 2006
  • MPN: 1054671
  • Item Length: 12 in
  • Additional Parts Required: No
  • Original/Licensed Reproduction: Original
  • Item Height: 12 in
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Features: New In Box, New With Tags, Large Vase, Includes Silver Metal Frog Cap (embossed with Waterford logo), Search #TheSweetFind For More Waterford
  • Production Style: Cut Glass
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Item Width: 6 in
  • Pattern: Cecily
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Crystal
  • Subject: Frog
  • Brand: Waterford
  • Type: Vase
  • Era: 21st Century (2000-Now)
  • Model: Waterford Cecily Vase 12”
  • Packaging: Box
  • Theme: Diamonds, Lines, Rosettes
  • Time Period Manufactured: 2000-2009
  • Production Technique: Hand Blown Glass
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Slovenia
  • Backstamp: Acid-Etched Waterford Logo
  • Item Weight: 10 lb
  • Product Line: Waterford Cecily
  • UPC: 701587433914

Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB    Waterford Crystal Cecily Vase 12 + Frog Cap 10-LB Large Bouquet (MSRP$518) BNIB